The Remarkable South Sulawesi (Part II: First Step in Sorowako)

by Febryo

After 14 hours of sitting prettily, we finally arrived at Sorowako. A phone call from our company driver told us that we should get off at Wawondula intersection. So we made sure the bus driver to stop at that place. At first we thought that Wawondula intersection was a nice bus shelter. In fact it was not. It was just a wayside, lies in an intersection. We felt like we were in the middle of nowhere at that time.

David and Andrew at Wawondula Intersection

At 9.15 WITA, we finally picked up by the company driver with a nice Ford. The driver drove us to our Camp. It was an old camp, a little bit untreated well, and it was in a heavy renovation. It’s pretty fine to me.

View from the camp. Can you see the Matano Lake overthere?

David, made a phone call in camp.

Me at the Gazebo, on the lakeside, lies in the corner of the camp.

We had to take a Safety Induction class at 10.30 am, so we had to prepare. Meet me again in the next post. I’ll tell you more about Sorowako. See ya! 🙂