The Remarkable South Sulawesi (Part III: Falling in Love with Matano)

by Febryo

January, 22nd 2011

Thanks God it’s Saturday, we’ve been waiting for today since the first day we work here. Why? Because, Saturday means we could come home earlier at 3 pm (on the regular day it will be 5 pm) the sky’s still bright and we could explore the lake from the corner of the camp: Matano Lake! Yeaaah, I can’t wait any longer to swim on this crystal clear water.

danau matano

My favorite picture. Thanks for the shot, Andrew!

David Prastyan

David standing on the Gazebo

Andrew Andreas Sadero, David Prastyan

Andrew and David. Happy face, like a kid met a new toy.

Me playing with the life vest

Febryo, Andrew Andreas Sadero

Me and Andrew

danau matano

Before we off to the camp

They said, once you drink water from Matano Lake, even accidentally, sooner or later you’re gonna come back to Sorowako. I really hope so, because I accidentally drank much water when I swam there 😀